FitzTalk Bulletin

FitzTalk is our occasional bulletin that aims to keep you and your family, friends and networks in touch with our activities.

While full membership of the FRA (with voting rights etc) costs money, FitzTalk bulletin is free.

This initiative has a goal of improving connectivity on issues that impact Fitzroy.  The bulletin will now be available to anyone who wishes to subscribe regardless of membership or geographical location.

Subscribe to our FitzTalk Bulletin here!

FitzTalk in the Pub

The FRA host local ‘FitzTalk in the Pub’ events to provide members and friends with the opportunity to hear from those in the know on issues that provide opportunities and challenges for our suburb and City.

FitzTalk in the Pub #1 – Monday 27th March 2023

FitzTalk in the Pub #2 – Monday 8th May 2023

FitzTalk in the Pub #3 – Monday 14th August 2023