Yarra City Council

FRA Submissions

Draft LGBTIQ+ Strategy 2020-2023

Read FRA’s response to the Draft Yarra City Council’s LGBTIQ+ Strategy for 2020-2024 here.

Community and Engagement Policy and Action Plan 2020-2024

Read FRA’s response to the Yarra City Council’s Community Engagement Policy and Action Plan 20202024. Read the FRA response here

City of Yarra Budget 2020-2021

The draft City of Yarra Budget 2020-2021 provided the opportunity for the FRA to set out its priorities for both the operating and capital works budgets.
Read the FRA response here

City of Yarra Graffiti Management 

Read FRA’s response to the draft City of Yarra Graffiti Management Framework 2020-2022. Read the FRA response here

Open Space Strategy

The FRA has responded to each stage of consultation in the review of the fourteen-year old Open Space Strategy over the last two and a half years.

Read the FRA responses here
31st August 2020
12th March 2020
18th March 2018

Yarra Homelessness Strategy

The FRA fully supports the draft Yarra Homelessness Strategy which was considered at the 18 August 2020 Council Meeting. The proposed strategy is compassionate, intelligent and well researched.
Read the FRA response here

World Heritage Management Plan

The World Heritage Management Plan provides information on the World Heritage, National Heritage, State Heritage and Local Heritage values of the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens.
Read the FRA response here

Yarra’s Draft Climate Emergency Plan

In December 2019, the Yarra City Council developed a draft Climate Emergency Plan, and asked the local community for their say on it.
Read the FRA response here.

Ward Councillors 

Our Ward Councillors  

Nicholls Ward

  • Cr Bridgid O’Brien
  • Cr Amanda Stone
  • Cr Sophie Wade

Langridge Ward

  • Cr Michael Glynatsis
  • Cr Stephen Jolly
  • Cr Anab Mohamud

The Councillors of the City of Yarra and their contact details are listed here

Yarra City Councillors participate in a Council meeting
Yarra City Councillors participate in a Council meeting

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Council Meetings

Yarra City Council Meetings provide an opportunity for the FRA and its members and friends to attend, ask questions and make verbal submissions that reflect the interests of residents.

Calendar link here.

Council Meetings

Election 2020-2024 and our Ward Councillors | Nicholls & Langridge

Elections do matter! It is crucial for us to engage with candidates and vote at local Council elections so that residents get the representation they need.

A Virtual Town Hall ‘Meet the Candidates’ hosted by Rod Quantock took place in 2020 on the 29th, 30th of September and 1st October where candidates answered your questions. These events were held in partnership with the FRA and Yarra Residents Collective and recorded live each evening. Please see the below links to each ward’s recorded video via YouTube. (If you need a reminder as to which ward you reside in, see the Yarra City Council website here under ‘Our Wards’)

Melba Ward – Tuesday 29th September video

Langridge Ward – Wednesday 30th September video

Nicholls Ward – Thursday 1st October video

How candidates in Nicholls and Langridge Wards responded to the FRA Survey?

The FRA submitted 10 questions to all Langridge and Nicholls Ward candidates. The questions covered their reasons for nominating, experience, issues and responses to key FRA priorities (determined through the 2020 FRA members survey). The answers to the questions we trust assisted you in casting your vote.