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We strive to inform our residents about our activities, and plans for the future.

We use email, facebook, face to face and on-line meetings, and our website to raise the issues and interests of members and friends. FitzTalk is our occasional email bulletin which updates members and friends on our current issues.

We reach out to other community based organisations that wish to inform, and have agendas which match our Mission and Purpose.

FRA face to face or zoom meetings will in 2021 provide an opportunity to discuss planning issues, Council policies and strategic plans.

Planning of our future is a major issue for residents and friends. We review Planning Applications submitted to Council where they affect our heritage, streetscape or amenity of current and future residents and we take action.

We prepare objections to Council with the support of residents and where necessary become a party to Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal hearings and put our case for rejection or change.


Member Meetings

FRA General Meetings provide an opportunity to have a more formal engagement with members and to plan future activities.

Annual General Meeting.
The AGM is an opportunity to adopt the Annual Report, elect Committee members for the following year and hear from a speaker of interest to the FRA. The last Annual General Meeting was held on 26 November 2020 when its Annual Report was adopted.

So you can keep up-to-date via Facebook and FitzTalk or email us via if you would like to raise an issue or wish to offer your support for a specific cause.

You can participate as a member via –

  • The FRA committee meets bi-monthly.
  • The FRA publishes its events on Facebook and through FitzTalk bulletins.
  • The FRA have previously run street and market stalls in various locations to engage with residents. We hope to do this again in the future.

We welcome suggestions for events or topics of discussion.

FRA members setting priorities
FRA members setting priorities