Douglas Slaweski-Horton

Committee Member

Douglas joined the Committee in 2023. He has been a Fitzroy resident for the last 25 years.

Douglas is perhaps best known nationally and internationally for his work as a stage director, writer and designer; and founder and artistic director of contemporary cross-art-form company ChamberMadeOpera/[+] (1988-2009). He has been a member of numerous NFP performing and cross-art-form company committees, as well as for government: Australia Council, Creative Victoria and City of Melbourne. He has a BA (UoM; 1982), an honours degree in psychology (UoM; 2012) and in train Master of Architecture (UoM MSD).

Douglas is interested in greater transparency in the intersections of public and private domains implicated in urban development; State and local government funding relations and planning issues impacting upon the future development of Fitzroy; and improving consultative mechanisms enlisted in sustainable, liveable and realisable urban design and community amenity.