The FITZROY RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION INC  (FRA) is a community organisation formed in 1969 in response to the planned large scale demolition (by the state government) of Fitzroy and North Fitzroy for redevelopment. FRA aimed to maintain and renew the 19th century housing stock and associated architecture of Melbourne’s first suburb. After largely, but not entirely, winning this battle the FRA was very influential with the Fitzroy City Council through to the early ’80s on many policy fronts.

The objective of the FRA is simple: to keep Fitzroy liveable.
Our mission statement is to promote, protect and enhance residential amenity.

Hence our areas of interest include:

  • maintaining a proper balance between residential and commercial interests
  • concerns over safety and noise levels in the streets, particularly in residential areas late at night
  • trying to ensure new developments do not ruin Fitzroy’s unique character
  • the preservation of heritage buildings
  • opposition to encroachment of late trading nightclubs, entertainment venues and bars because of their detrimental effect on residential amenity
  • reasonable car parking arrangements so that residents can park within walking distance of their homes
  • support residents on local issues and amenities.

A public meeting to form the association was held on 1 August 1969, and the FRA was formally established on 7 November 1969. FRA was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 on 30 March 1995.

The association celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019.

Members of the 2018-19 FRA Committee are:

Martin Brennan, Chair
Margaret Portelli, Secretary
Sue Wheatley, Treasurer
Michael Keats
Bradley Reynolds
Erin Tidswell

Housing Commission slum reclamation scheme in Fitzroy (Photo Fairfax Media 1969)

Fitzroy Residents 50 Years

Young Street, Fitzroy : demolition of a chimney, with the construction of housing commission flats in the background. (Photo Chris Lermanis 1965)

The battle to save the Fitzroy Pool 1994 (Photo Andrew Lane)